How TriboTEX can Improve the Life of your Vehicle

To increase the life of a machine, lubrication plays the vital role as it reduces the friction between different parts of a machine and this lubrication acts as a film between the two solid surfaces as a result there is less heat produced. It is also crucial what lubricant you use for your machine, using the correct lubricant will increase the life of bearings and machinery. Though these lubricants adds some cost to maintain your machine but in long term they save money by increasing the life of your machine.

In vehicles and automotives engine oil plays the same role of lubricant as it protects the different parts of engine and helps the engine components to work properly. It also protects the engine from heating up and also avoids the deposit of carbon.

With the advancement in technology in every field; engine oils and lubricants also using latest technology to make your engine last longer. TriboTEX is one example of this technology that can give your engine a new life and it can perform much better than your expectations. Nano particle technology is used in TriboTEX which can reverse wear in engine. Nano particles in TriboTEX find the worn surface in the engine and acts as a coating and reverse wear engine which allows better lubrication to engine oils.

Tribotex Engine life

TriboTEX saves your money in two ways, 1st by saving the engine from friction and extends its life and 2ndly it increase the fuel efficiency up to 6%. We can say that it’s kind of repairing the damaged parts of engine by applying a protective coating and prevent further breaking of engine components.

Now the question is how to use TriboTEX for your vehicle to improve its fuel efficiency and engine life. It is very simple and you don’t need the help of any engine mechanic. The first step is to warm up your engine by driving it for few kilometers. When you are sure that your engine is now warmed up, you need to open the engine hood and locate the oil cap. Open that oil cap and inject the TriboTEX into oil compartment. Now you have to wait for about 15 minutes so that TriboTEX mix with the Engine oil.

Now you have to drive your vehicle regularly and once you have put 500 miles, your engine will get the full benefit of TriboTEX. You can use TriboTEX again after you have drive for 40,000 miles. So you must give it a try as it is new technology but it will be proved very beneficial for your vehicle.


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