Forget VPS! Choose Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Instead

Choosing the suitable web hosting plan for your website is troublesome. If you chosen the wrong web hosting plan, it could lead to the demise of your business. Why is that you might wonder? Imagine if you’re hosting an eCommerce website that had daily profit of $100 to $1000 and suddenly your web hosting is down without respond. Every minute or second potential customer (new or come back visitors) will leave your site without purchasing anything from your eCommerce store. Hence your business’s profit will decreased in monthly report. Even if your monthly hosting down time is around 1-5 minutes round up, this will potentially cost you to loss around $1000 in monthly profits. That’s why choosing the suitable web hosting for your business is imperative.

However the utmost bothering question is should you choose VPS (Virtual Private Server) or Dedicated Server Hosting ? Let’s analyze the difference between these two hosting service plan.

Vps Vs Dedicated Hosting

Vps Vs Dedicated Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting

Similar to shared hosting, VPS hosting shared server resources between different website and hosting accounts. Imagine for example you’re sharing your internet connection with multiple devices at your house, the connection speed will be slower for others if one of the device using 90% of the connection resources.

VPS is favored by most business because they are cost effective and more acceptable with their low and high end hosting options. You can upgrade your memory, disk space or bandwidth limit easily with VPS hosting plan if needed. Overall, VPS hosting plan is more economical for a website that did not have high traffic volumes but still want to maintained a 99% up time. The monthly cost of VPS hosting plan could range from $20 to $100 depends on your VPS setup.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Unlike shared or VPS host, the dedicated hosting host your website in one single server devoted to you only, no more shared resources or data with others. Its like buying your own personal server for yourself. You will have all the speed, power and memory to yourself and you can setup the server configuration to your own liking.

However the cost for dedicated server hosting is much higher than VPS, its around $100 to $300 monthly. Most start-up or business couldn’t afford these monthly expense. On the other hand, there’s a rising cheap dedicated server hosting that only cost you around or below $100 per month. With the growing popularity of cloud hosting nowadays, you could expect a much cheaper dedicated server hosting will be offered by web hosting providers.

How to Choose?

Ultimately it will be determined by your necessity. Are you running a heavy traffic site? will down time induce your profits? what type of website you’ll be hosting, is it for personal use or is it for eCommerce store? Each of these factor will need to take into consideration when choosing the appropriate hosting environment for your business. If you still uncertain on which web hosting plan should you choose, you can browse the internet and read several hosting guide articles and reviews before you make your concluding decision.


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