What are the different kinds of Portable Computer Keyboards?


With time and improvements in technology, everything is getting smaller so that we can easily carry it anywhere we want. Same is the case with computer keyboards; sometimes a person may want to use his own keyboard in the office, home or on a business tour. The main reason behind this is that he feels good while using the same product everywhere and his performance increases because of the use of his favorite keyboard.

Normally it is not easy to carry a traditional keyboard in your office or laptop bag so there are some portable keyboards available just like we have portable projectors to carry that with us anywhere we go. A person can put his portable keyboard in his office bag or in a briefcase without consuming a lot of space and can use the same computer keyboard everywhere. There are various types of portable keyboards available; we will discuss each type here:

Rollup Keyboards:

You might have seen some keyboards online which can be rolled up easily and can be carried anywhere without any problem. These rollup keyboards are just like other traditional keyboards and can perform all the functions with accuracy. The only difference is the outer body of it. A traditional desktop is made up of hard plastic whereas a rollup keyboard is made up of silicon material. The components, circuit, and keys are enclosed in a silicon case so you can easily rollup the keyboard and it can be fit easily in a small shopping bag, women’s shoulder bag or in your own small laptop bag.

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The best thing about rollup keyboards is that due to its silicon material they are water proof. You can easily wash it out if dust is deposited on it.

Portable Mechanical Keyboards:

Everyone likes mechanical keyboard because of the good typing experience due to the tactility of mechanical keyboard. You can also find a portable mechanical keyboard very easily. This type of keyboards are very small in size and they also have all the functions and keys on them, but the problem with this type of portable keyboard is that you can have to use 1 single key for 3 to 4 different functions. It is also easy to carry a mechanical portable keyboard because of its small size.

Vortex CORE is a good example of the mechanical keyboard which is portable due to its small size. You can read different pros and cons of this portable keyboard at MechType.com

Foldable Keyboards:

Foldable keyboard is another good example of portable keyboards. They don’t look as cool as that of rollup keyboard because they are just like a traditional keyboard. But the typing on this type of keyboard is great and you will feel the tactility of a mechanical keyboard in these foldable portable keyboards. Rollup keyboards usually feel very soft and people don’t like to use that for typing but there is nothing soft in a foldable keyboard. These keyboards have the same size and same touch and feel of a traditional mechanical keyboard with the only difference is that they can be folded by separating it into two parts which are joined together with a cable or strip.


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