Start Living a Comfortable Life Using Zinus Memory Foam 8 inch Green Tea Mattress

Start Living a Comfortable Life Using Zinus Memory Foam 8 inch Green Tea Mattress: An ideal mattress is nothing but a source of comfort and pleasure. Most people want to get an adjustable mattress so that they can spend their whole night with comfort; however, they sometimes don’t find it as per their need.

Zinus Memory Foam 8-inch Green Tea Mattress is really adjustable to nearly every kind of sleepers. It makes sure comfort level and relieves the pressure points by offering a good night’s sleep. With comfortable foam and airflow HD base support foam, this mattress really comes rare and the best one.

Zinus Memory Foam 8 inch Green Tea Mattress

Beneficial features:

  • 4-layer technology:

This special kind of mattress has different layers in its memory foam for increasing the density which in turn leads to a pleasurable mattress. You can even feel the several layers from its inside. The Zinus Memory Foam 8-inch Green Tea Mattress comes with 4 layers- 3” memory foam, 2” comfort foam, 3.5” airflow HD foam, and 3.5” airflow HD Base support foam. Its 4-layer technology boosts temperature regulation, point elasticity, and support by keeping your whole body aligned and reduces your bodily pains as well.

  • Green tea infusion:

This mattress foam is made of green tea extracts that are scientifically proven for acting as the anti-fungal and anti-oxide properties which clean the air and chemical objects around you offering a healthy ambiance.

  • Great edge support:

This Zinus mattress is made to have better foam material around the edges for making a strong edge support. It’s important particularly if you have a tendency of sitting or sleeping at the edge. The technology makes sure that the mattress doesn’t begin wearing from the edges and better still, that you don’t fall off when sleeping at the edge.

  • Pressure relieving comfort:

This mattress is manufactured and designed to the greatest level of sophistication and quality to assure you the greatest comfort. It features 12-inches, softness, and bounciness to provide your body the best rest, relieving you off bones, back, shoulders, neck and other pains associated with poor habits of sleeping as well as poor bedding attires. All in all, this mattress wakes you up relaxed and happy.

  • Body temperature regulation:

There is a knitted Jacquard cover in the outermost clothing of this Zinus mattress, which promotes the thermo-neutrality to assure you comfort. By adapting easily, it conforms to your body temperature so that it’s not very cold or very warm, a condition which would make you lose your sleep and look tired during the day.

  • Environment-friendly:

This Zinus mattress improves the circulation and purification of natural gasses in the environment reducing the gathering of dangerous gasses which are a threat to the atmosphere and your health also. If you want to develop the environment, then this mattress is a must-buy for you.

  • 10-year warranty:

It’s great news that this Zinus mattress comes with a 10-years of warranty from the manufacturer. The warranty service covers the general damage, top covers and layers of the mattress.

Zinus Memory Foam 8 inch Green Tea Mattress Pic


  • Offers great cushioning, comfort, sound sleep and structure due to its 4-layer technology.
  • Soft and bouncy
  • Relieves from head, back, neck, shoulder, and other bone related pains
  • Durable and sustainable
  • Offers a great edge support
  • Easy to clean, wash and maintain
  • Excellent delivery and 10-year of warranty service
  • Environment-friendly
  • Unique and beautiful design to add aesthetic value to your bedroom


  • Highly priced in comparison with other mattresses
  • Produces an unpleasant chemical odor
  • Its soft natural could be uncomfortable denying you sleep.
  • Takes 48 hours from the delivery to gain the original shape.

Final recommendation:

There is nothing as conforming as buying a product which has class, quality, aesthetic value, and meets your buying needs. A mattress is a special product and thus you need to get the best one from the market. So, if you’re in search for a mattress which will give you greater support and sound sleep throughout the night at every season and is definitely worth the value of its class and quality, then simply opt for the Zinus Memory Foam 8-inch Green Tea Mattress. You can read more at here.


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